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Hello everyone we need your help to let people know about the Trade Committee taking written submission by email on your thoughts about the TPP.  This is the only chance for people to have their chance to tell the government that this deal is dangerous.  I need this email to be flooded or we won’t have a leg to stand on.  Please post and ask people to write and share the following – or anything you like to get them to submit.


It’s time for Canadians to have their say on the TPP and we are accepting submissions to the Trade Committee- with a deadline of Apr. 30.  

Please share far and wide- Canadians deserve to be heard on this deal!!



Thank You,

Essex MP, Tracey Ramsey

NDP Critic for International Trade



Sister Tracey Ramsey – MP for ‎Essex is asking for your help to let people know about the Trade Committee who is taking written submissions by email on your thoughts about the TPP.

See below on how you can help.

Thank you‎

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